Renting of Tents & Furniture

Tent 5x10m with glass walls
Transparent Tent 5
VIP Tent with setup
Rectangle Table setup
off white lining and lighting

Lighting with truss

Screen Shot 2020-01-20 at 11.59.50 AM
Round Sofa armless
black single sofa
robe railing
Rectangle Table without cover
Single side sofa
Porta cabin
VIP Toilet5
VIP Toilet7
Pagoda 4x4m with glass
Armless 6 seater sofa
Pagoda tent 5x5m glass
Tent 5x10m with glass
Pagoda tent 5x10m glass
Tent with parquet
Sofa seatings with tables
Tent with glass walls
Round chair gold
Dior chairs
Banquet Chair
golden chavari chair
chavari chair white gold
Clear Chavari Chair
Stage with black carpet
White Chavari Chair
silver chavari chair
Tower AC with cover
20m Wider Tent outlook

Renting of Tent with full setup

white stool sofa
Tent 5mx5m interior
dance floor pvc tiles
Transparent Tent
Tower AC
Transparent Tent with color lights
Transparent Tent
Round Dance flooring

Dance floor with catwalk

off white interior
Entrance Lighting setup
Transparent tent
Decoration Lights
Stage decor
Glass floor on the pool
Fairy lights
Glass dance floor
clear tent with lights
Entrance Arch
Dior Chairs and Round table
Golden Chairs
Arcume Tent
Silver Chairs with Round table
table with white chavari
Tent with glass walls
Round table setup
Round table setup
Table with chavari chair
A-Shape Tent
Cocktail Table
catwalk vinyle
Crockery & Cutlery
Colour Light
Exhibition Tent with glass wall
Mist Fan
Henna Stage
Henna Stage
Tent Decor
Tent interior
Round lining
Black Lining
Blue Interior
Lining Drapes with fairy lights
off white and golden interior
open tent
Off white interior
wedding setup red and white
outdoor heater
Pagoda Tents
Pagoda Tent 5mx5m
Pagoda 4
Pink lining
Off white lining
Party Tent 2
Party Tent
Pagoda Tent
Rectangle cheffing dish
Round Cheffing Dish
Party Tent with glass walls
Tent with lights
Lining 41
Table 11
Table 15
Table 18
Table 17
Table 24
Tent 13
Tent 20m wider
Tent 1
table with white chavari
Table without cover
Table 12
Table with chavari chair
Tent 20mx30m with ABS Walls
Tent 18
Tent 30mx30m
Tent with abs walls inside
Tent with ABS Walls
white chair with round table
transparent tent
Tent with glass walls 2
Lining 23
Tent with colourful lining
Transparent Tent 4
white interior with fairy lights